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Our gloves range include powdered and powderfree gloves made according to the highest applicable standards.

We audit ourselves and review all internal processes in order to improve all that can be improved within our factory in order to end up with the highest quality final product.

Regular external audits are also implemented in order to cross-check our best practices and make sure our factory is all-compliant and our quality control procedures are unbiased and  above the applicable norms.


PROLITE is a polymerized latex powderfree exam glove which provide uncompromising quality.

They are very durable, provide extra-grip, have very low toxicity levels and can be used both in the medical field or for industrial applications.

Raw material : Natural Latex / Polymer Coated / Color : Blue
Easy-on beading system / Textured Surface
Longevity : 5 years (5℃-30℃)
Packaging and Cartoning : Carton containing 10 boxes of 100 gloves each.


MAINSURE is a micro-powdered, white color, latex examination glove. 

They are fully textured to improve resistance, grip, and overall glove longevity.

Made of the highest natural latex quality
Micro-powdered with Food Grade Corn starch
Fully textured / easy-on / ultra-durable
Longevity : 5 years
Packaging and Cartoning : Carton of 10 boxes of 100 gloves each.


  • Ambidextrous
  • Pearl beading for easy wear
  • Supple glove: reduces fatigue during wear
  • Waterproof, provides an effective barrier against most liquids and infectious agents.
  • Resists against water soluble liquids.


ISO 11193-1 :

  • Water tightness NQA=2,5
  • Visual defects and physical characteristics NQA=4
SizeS (6/7)M (7/8)L (8/9)
Total Length ±6%245 mm245 mm245 mm
Wrist width80 mm90 mm95 mm
Hand Palm width85 mm95 mm105 mm
Elasticity (type 2)500 %500 %500 %
Weight ±5%4.6 g5.1 g5.6 g


  • Not intended to be worn longer than 30 minutes
  •  Not resistant to oily and petrol-derived liquids
  • Do not wear if you have known allergic reaction to latex

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